Project Contact: Tithi Patel, Jaclyn Lee

Maintenance for Micro-Irrigation

In our analysis of rural, drought-stricken villages, we identified a potential hole in the existing water conservation policies of the state government: maintenance of drip irrigation systems. While several states have developed an extensive subsidy system for drip irrigation systems implementation, efforts to expand and retain irrigated area under micro irrigation systems will be difficult unless maintenance of these systems is addressed. Looking past the inefficiencies of the subsidy system for installation, we asked ourselves if farmers would be able to pay for maintenance of the systems that they have already invested in. In order to curb further farmer indebtedness, we chose to connect the dots between existing available processes to create Sinchai Mel Dhan Yojana, an indirect lending scheme that aims to lower risk and interest rates for farmers, increase crop yield and water savings, and better ensure loan repayment for banks and input providers.

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